Circus Rejects

About this Scare

What lies behind the walls of all of the red and white striped tents? What happens when all the rides shut off and all the crowd leaves the circus? When no one is around, the carnies come out at night to play. They will hack, slash, stab, torture and kill anyone left behind the circus gates after the night is over. It will be a carnival of carnage, that much you can assume because these carnies are much more than just costumes and balloons.

Circus Rejects 4

Quick Facts

  • Each haunt should take 5-7 minutes
  • Features Strobe lights
  • Features fog

  • Low Lighting
  • Intense Audio
  • Features lasers

  • Intense visual FX

  • Chainsaws and other props used
  • There is no touching of any guests


Available at these venues

The All Axe-cess Experience

Separate yourself from the rest of the slaughter with the VIP pass. Gain all axe-cess to all the haunts and skip to the front of the line. Recuperate at the VIP booth or find your way out of 4 of our Escape Rooms in between haunt experiences. Don’t forget your swag to show off that you survived the best haunted attraction of the year.

Whats Included?
  • Parking pass
  • All axe-cess pass to all haunted attractions
  • A speed pass to skip the lines
  • Enjoy your slay at the VIP booth
  • An exclusive piece of merchandise